Well, there is no dearth of furniture showroom in Kolkata. But not all of them can provide you with the pieces you’re looking for. The latest trend in home décor is mid century modern furniture.

Top 10 mid-century modern furniture

Many homeowners are aware of the trend but don’t know which pieces are considered to be mid century modern furniture. But if you visit any leading furniture shop in Kolkata, you can find them. Let’s have a quick look at the most prominent of them.

1. Simple curtain – Well, this might be the most underrated yet powerful home décor. If you want to bring the outside in, keep the windows bare. But if you don’t want to keep them bare, hang a simple curtain preferably in a neutral shade.

2. Hairpin legs – These are very much in trend. They are a popular style of legs that go perfectly while fitted with accent tables.

3. Bar cart – Bar carts are one of the most prominent accessories related to the concerned style. People prefer to drink sitting at home during this pandemic situation. And thus, a bar cart would be ideal to stock alcoholic beverages for the house parties. If you’re not a party material, then also you can keep it to stock non-alcoholic beverages. You can also style it with artifacts or books.

4. Novelty cupboards – These big novelty cupboards made of plastic are lightweight. They have good storage capacity. They are available in various colors.

5. Side tables – Choose side tables with tapering, tall, and splayed legs. They are available in different colors. This would be a nice addition to a new mid-mod house.

6. Tripod lamps – Tripod lamps are another good addition to your home. Choose the lamps with tapering, tall, and splayed legs.

7. Hexagonal floating shelves – Geometric patterns are one of the most important elements of mid century mod style. Choose hexagonal floating shelves and arrange them in various patterns of your choice.

8. Floor cushions – These are actually eternal. Whether you choose round or square, floor cushions in solid bright colors with button-tufting can give your home a different look. Besides, you can also buy some normal cushions in natural fabrics in bright single or mix colors.

9. Jute carpets – These are really classy and extremely elegant. They can make a difference as it comes to the appearance of your home. They are 100% natural.

10. Sunburst mirror – This would be a must-have piece to nail the midcentury modern look. Choose one in golden color to brighten up the entire space.

So, if you’re looking for a midcentury mod look for your home, bring some essential items. Simple curtains, jute carpet, sunburst mirrors, floor cushions, tripod lamps, and geometric floating shelves are some of them to name.