Your sofa is the first thing your guest notices as soon as they enter your house. You spend quality time with your loved ones and bond with them in your living area. So, the sofa has to be clean and tidy to match the vibe, but it’s normal to spill some drinks, coffee or other food items into it. This stains your favorite sofa that needs to be cleaned sooner. Many people don’t know the tips to clean and keep the sofa in the best condition. Here are a few best tips to extend the lifespan of your sofa.

How to Maintain Sofa to Extend its Durability

  1. Vacuum or Steam the Couch

If you have a microfiber couch at your home, use a handheld garment steamer to kill the surface dust mites. Allow the steam to penetrate the fabric.

You can vacuum your sofa to remove the dust if you don’t have a steamer. Go over the entire sofa to not miss any end, and also remember to do it once in a while as the dust layer can become thick over time, making it impossible to clean.

  1. Don’t Let the Stains Stay

As soon as you spot a stain, act immediately to ensure it’s clean. Use mild cleaner before it becomes difficult to get rid of such stains. To help with cleaning, you must also go through the manufacturer’s guide or pay attention to the sofa’s fabric.

  1. Help the Cushions Stay in Shape

Keep tossing and turning the cushions regularly to keep them in shape. Do dusting every day to keep them hygienic.

  1. Clean Dingy Arms and Headrests

Use a portable extraction cleaner for water-safe fabrics. Just dilute an adequate amount of cleaner with water, clean using the brush nozzle, and vacuum the dirt into the tank. Professional advice is suggested for solvent-only fabrics.

  1. Sanitize the couch

Once you clean and dry your sofa, spray a fabric sanitizing spray over water-safe upholstery to get rid of lingering bacteria and odours.

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