Wooden furniture is a durable investment that is frequently handed down through several generations as a priceless heritage. Whether it be a round table or a modern sofa in Kolkata, wooden furniture holds another level of architectural importance. Nevertheless, if not properly maintained, even the greatest quality wood is prone to scuffs and abrasions.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining the wood’s best appearance throughout generations on furniture that is installed in your home.

Top 5 tips for maintaining your wooden furniture

  1. Prevent environmental harm :

    Your beautiful wood might suffer damage from heat, sunlight, and other environmental factors. Important furniture shouldn’t be placed near open windows, vents, or fireplaces because the sunlight and heat will deteriorate the wood.

  2. Frequent Cleaning :

    Although most people dislike dusting, it is one of the finest ways to maintain your furniture. Wood can develop a filmy layer from particles in the air that can damage the surface. Dusting frequently prevents this accumulation from occurring. To prevent damage, always use soft fabric like cotton T-shirts, cloth napkins, or microfiber.

    3. Maintain Clean Wood :

    You may find that occasionally dusting is insufficient and that you need to wipe down the wooden furniture. All-purpose cleansers should never be used because they can harm the finish. Soak a piece of cloth in water containing a gentle dish detergent and use it to wipe away the area that is very dirty or sticky. To gently wipe the area, rinse out the towel as much as you can.  finish by wiping with a soft, dry cloth after rinsing with merely a water-dampened cloth.

    4. Safeguard Your Wood :

    Avoid using too much product since this can lead to buildup that, when combined with grime, results in a sticky, dull coating. To avoid this accumulation, always wipe thoroughly after using products, and never use any of the items with wax protection otherwise the result would be still another sticky mess.

    5. Remove Difficult Stains :

    Your lovely wooden furniture may occasionally become stained despite your best efforts. It doesn’t matter what sort of stain you have; you should clean it as soon as you can since the longer it stays, the more difficult it will be to get rid of.

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