A house becomes a home with its contents and maintenance. As it comes to maintenance, furniture is the key item to take care of. Furniture plays an important role in our lives. Wooden Furniture in Kolkata can be an heirloom asset; it can be wedding gifts as well. On the other hand, you might have purchased some pieces with your hard-earned money. Irrespective of the source, furniture is remnant of happy times and memories. It should be maintained well so your next generation can also use it.

Common causes of damage of wooden furniture in Kolkata and their remedies

Here are the most common factors that cause furniture damages.

  • Sunray and heat – Sunray is the greatest enemy of wooden furniture. It causes discolouration and fading. To maintain them, you may need to paint or varnish the same occasionally. Also, repellents and sealers are recommended to be used. It would be good to place the furniture properly to avoid direct exposure to the sunlight. Also, don’t keep the pieces in a fixed place for too long so they don’t get suntanned.

  • Stain – Over time, dirt accumulates on the surface of the furniture. Unless you wipe off it regularly, it will lead to tough stains on the polished surfaces. For the dry dust, use a damp cloth. For wax as well as oily dirt, use a solution made of water and a mild liquid detergent. But whatever you use, first you need to evaluate the surface and the type of dirt accumulated.

  • Moisture – If wooden furniture comes in contact with water, it will swell. Low moisture tends to cause splitting or cracking. High humidity can cause molds as well. To get rid of such unwanted damages, use a humidifier.

  • Termite – This is a serious threat to the Wooden Furniture in Kolkata. To get rid of any pest including termite, use borax powder on the affected surfaces. Borax is not harmful to pets and humans. You can also use neem oil and orange oil. Sometimes, take furniture pieces out in the sun to abolish moisture.

Furniture is a lifetime investment. Even if you have inherited the same, you should take care of it. Moisture, direct sun exposure, and termite are the biggest threats to wooden furniture. Take the measures mentioned above to avoid damages caused by the said elements.