Hardwood is the most popular type of wood used to manufacture different furniture pieces. Hardwood is a durable variety of wood and is resistant to all weather conditions. Moreover, the dense texture of hardwood brings out elegance into the wooden furniture pieces. Thus some of the best varieties of furniture belong to the hardwood family.

In most furniture shops in Kolkata, you will find elegant and beautifully crafted wooden furniture pieces made from the woods that belong to the hardwood family. Here is a list of the best quality wooden furniture that you’ll find in different furniture shops in Kolkata.

What are the different types of woods popularly used for furniture manufacturing?

Maple wood furniture

Maple is an ideal wood for furniture making, and it lends a gorgeous and elegant finish to the wooden furniture piece. Since it is a non-toxic form of food, it is also used as a cutting board in kitchens. The grainy pattern available on the top of the Maple wooden furniture makes the texture of the furniture beautiful.

Mahogany wood furniture

On the other hand, mahogany is a very light form of wood and is used for the construction of beautiful antique wooden furniture pieces. The colour of the mahogany foot is slightly reddish Brown and is, and the furniture pieces made from mahogany are generally expensive since this food is hard to find.

Cedarwood furniture

This is a relative softwood and is generally not ideal for use in furniture pieces for indoor purposes. Cedarwood is generally resistant to all types of extreme weather conditions. It is more popular for wardrobes and closets as it offers an aromatic smell that keeps the insects away.

Pinewood furniture

Pine is an ideal material for all types of furniture manufacturing. It is a cheap source of hardwood; however, it can get damaged easily as it is not resistant to all types of weather conditions. Hence furniture made with pine needs to be preserved and protected with care.

Cherry wood furniture

Cherrywood generally darkens with time, giving a rich and antique look to the furniture piece. Thus you will find Cherry wood used in creative and elegantly designed furniture pieces like pianos and grandfather clocks. Cherry is a very durable form of hardwood and is highly resistant to scratches. Thus, if you buy a piece of wooden furniture made of cherry, you might get a good value for money.

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