More and more people are making greener choices for their lifestyle. One step is shifting to the use of sustainable furniture for the home. They are an eco-friendly option and significant in reducing carbon footprint. Therefore, wood is one of the most trending materials for healthy living. 

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Wooden Furniture: A Sustainable Material Choice 

Wood Is Renewable 

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. It is renewable and can withstand sun, rain, snow, and external weather conditions. It is infinitely replenishable, which is an amazing benefit to consider. Wood as a raw material replenishes every year. The farmers do selective harvesting when collecting wood to make furniture. In contrast to clear-cutting, this is not problematic. Most experts consider it great for forest health. 

Good for the Climate  

 Wooden furniture is healthy for the environment and the climate. It helps in regulating climate change by controlling carbon footprint. Trees absorb carbon throughout their lifetime. However, it does not end here. When you turn wood into furniture, it stores the carbon without releasing them. Hence, solid hardwood furniture prevents the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Wood has a long life cycle, and burning it is good as a renewable energy source. You can reuse wood for energy purposes when compared to other resources like coal, oil or natural gas.  

Zero Waste  

This is another reason why wood is considered a great furniture option. Recent technological advancement has made wood manufacturing a zero-waste mechanism. It means that you can re-purpose the bi-products at every production stage. While harvesting wood, the experts process a percentage of it into lumber. The others are transformed into wood products while the rest goes for energy production. However, none is wasted. 


Relative to its weight, wood is a long-lasting material. This factor makes it perfect for making wooden furniture. It is highly resilient and demands little maintenance. Unlike laminate or plastic, engineered wood has a greater finish. This is how the manufacturers guarantee 25 years or less for them. The longer the wood lasts, the less energy is utilised to produce new products. Hence, it proves to be better for the environment as well.  

100% Biodegradable  

Making wooden products generate negligible waste matter. You can burn the residual chippings and utilise them as an energy source. You can use this residual matter as sawdust too.  

The waste products produced while making wooden furniture can be recycled. It is 100% biodegradable which means it will decompose and go back down into the Earth. This makes it a better option for the environment as well.  

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