Furniture is one of the most important things in every house. It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the rooms and makes them look wholesome and balanced. However, good quality furniture should also be functional and practical. To ensure this, you should buy from a reputable shop for wooden furniture in Kolkata.  

Since there are different categories of wooden furniture in the house, you can divide them into a few. In this blog, we will discuss them in detail.  

Types of Wood Used to Make Furniture  

There are three main types of wood used to make furniture. These are hardwood, softwood and engineered wood. 

Types of Wooden Furniture  

Living room and bedroom furniture  

Since the invention of wooden furniture, wooden living rooms and bedrooms have been popular. Modern wooden sofas are widely different from the previous varieties of sofas. In the present times, both bedroom and living room furniture is made of wood which is durable and resistant to temperature changes. They are aesthetic, and the material utilised is a big part of it. You can use Sheesham wood since the manufacturers love building furniture pieces with them.  

Dining room furniture  

The dining room furniture is different from the bedroom and living room. This is because the furniture piece has to deal with high humidity exposure on a daily basis. The chosen wood will have natural properties, given the latest engineering on the wood too. Modern dining furniture sets have plastic lining to prevent moisture. This way, the dining room furniture can retain all its aesthetic appearance.   

Multifunctional furniture 

Modern multifunctional furniture uses wood as the main material. While most of it is engineered wood, the manufacturers make them with specific designs required for multifunctional usage. These tend to have high flexibility and strength. You can also make the engineered wood aesthetic and modular structures. The modern L shaped sofa is one such example. It is made of wood which can handle stress in different ways. 

Outdoor Furniture  

Patio or outdoor furniture is made using strong and durable wood. It can withstand harsh weather conditions since the furniture is kept outdoors. The patio is another area where you can find a variety of decorative wooden furniture. The wood here is made of a strong and sturdy structure, and rightfully so because it should withstand harsh weather conditions. The type of furniture includes tables and chairs, wooden desks, etc. They look aesthetically pleasing to enhance the curb appeal of the property. Besides, they are given environmental protection for long-lasting stay.   

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