Get the best Wooden Furniture in Kolkata at the most affordable rates

Are you renovating your existing home or decorating your new apartment? Well, the need for durable, space-saving, affordable furniture can’t be denied. And here we are to help you with our amazing collection of wooden furniture in Kolkata. Whether you want a ready-made or a customized one, W&M can help you with your entire requirement. We have the best artisans to use the latest designs and techniques to make the furniture luxurious, comfortable, and enduring without burning a hole in your pocket. Visit our store and choose the right pieces of furniture you want for your home. 

Reasons to choose W&M for wooden furniture in Kolkata

We are here to redefine your home. Our collection of wooden furniture is made from superior quality wood; free of termite and borer. The timber we use is robust, seasoned, and durable so you don’t need to change the furniture in your lifetime. From a king-size adorning bed for your bedroom to an elegant sleek bookshelf for your study, from a sophisticated sofa-set for your living room to modern kitchen cabinets – we have everything you need. Our craftsmen can also customize the pieces to suit your taste and personality. Don’t worry, we won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Keep up with the latest designs as we keep updating the same in terms of modernity, luxury, and ethnicity. 

Specialties of our wooden furniture 

As it comes to wooden furniture in Kolkata, W&M is one of the most trustworthy and dependable names. But what makes our collection the best? What are the USPs of our wooden products? Well, let’s have a quick look at the reasons to book wooden stuff from us. 

  • Each piece we sell are competitively priced without any prejudice
  • We use 100% original natural timber
  • Our furniture is durable and strong
  • The entire product range is known for its sophistication, elegance, and charm
  • Our products don’t need any vigorous maintenance
  • Our exclusive team of artisans is pro in creating unique designs
  • Each of the products is water and dust resistant
  • Every piece is customizable 

Seek the best, seek W&M, one of the most renowned manufacturers and dealers of wooden furniture in Kolkata. 



At W&M everything is born out of wood and metal; designed and crafted with the ability to find the right balance between form and function. With a profound understanding of individual needs, we focus on innovation and actualization along with a commitment to accurately deliver unique ideas. High-quality material and craftsmanship are the fundamental values of W&M. Bespoke products are designed and made to last for homes, commercial spaces and beyond. Coming from our interest in both, nature and art, our designs have a sense of force and movement, creating a dialogue that embodies individual taste. Ultimately, all we want is to make your favorite piece of art!

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