Wooden furniture is constant for a timeless and aesthetic interior. Experts say wood is for every mood. From walnut to chestnut, mahogany or teak, it has unique properties that can transform your house. Over the years, natural wood has made its way back into modern homes, with furniture finishes that look elegant. You can buy them from the reliable furniture shop in Kolkata for guaranteed products.  

Nature connected interior design has the power to change the outlook of the entire house. It creates a warm and welcoming feel that is organic. Besides, you cannot call it a fad. This is because the wood has been used for furniture construction over generations. All these reasons make wooden furniture the best choice for luxury living. 

Benefits of Wooden Furniture for Homes  

1. Strength  

Wood is a long-lasting material that has immense strength and durability. This makes it a perfect choice for making furniture that guarantees longevity in style and functionality. The durability factor also ensures that wooden furniture offers excellent value for money. It is easy to maintain with routine cleaning, polishing, waxing and oiling. 

2. Look  

Wooden furniture adds a certain dignity to the room, be it light coloured or dark hues. When skilled artisans craft it, they bring innovation to the design. This way, they add an aesthetic allure and charm to the furniture piece. You can buy wooden furniture in different patterns to lighten the sterile surroundings.  

3. Variety  

Furniture made from wood is available in a vast range of colours and tones. You can notice the differences in grain and texture, the cuts and species. The furniture maker can provide you with more varieties as per requirement. Hence the finished product is likely to reflect your personal taste and style.   

4. Versatile    

Wooden furniture is highly versatile. It goes with every setting, both indoor and outdoor. You can include it as a part of every design scheme, be it traditional, rustic or modern. You can ask the professionals to blend it tastefully with your room. The versatile nature of wooden furniture also extends outdoors. If you treat it with oil, it can withstand maximum exposure to light and wind. 

Types of Wood for Making Furniture  

  • Hardwood  like Mahogany, Walnut, Birch, Ask, Red Oak, Cherry 
  • Softwood like Eastern White Pine, Pitch Pine, Scots Pine, Red Cedar, Fir

To choose the best kind of wood furniture, you must look at the appearance of wood. You can ask the manufacturer about it, so you get an assurance about wood quality. W&M Design Studio is a reputable shop that sells the best variety and designs of wooden furniture. Visit the website to know more.