House is incomplete without furniture pieces. They are not only necessities but also enhances the aesthetics of your home. Everyone loves a beautifully curved piece of furniture. Wooden furniture pieces are always in trend. If you’ve traditional aesthetic sense, then you’ll love decorating your house with wooden furniture pieces. However, there are people who also prefer using plastic or PVC furniture pieces.

However, if you’re planning on buying wooden furniture in Kolkata, remember that the purchase should be made from authentic dealers. Wooden furniture pieces are a big investment hence you should not buy damaged products.

However, before you decide on wooden or plastic furniture pieces, check out the differences between both.


Wooden furniture pieces are durable in nature and long lasting compared to the plastic ones. Even if your wooden furniture pieces get scratched, they are still durable in nature. You can expect 50 or more years of durability for wooden pieces. On the other hand, plastic pieces will stay for 10 years maximum.


Plastic furniture pieces are less costly compared to wooden pieces. In case you want a short-term usability furniture then a plastic one is a good option. They are cheap and easily available. Wooden furniture pieces need to be curved and hence you need time to design the same. The value of wooden furniture pieces is higher than the other types of furniture pieces.


Aesthetically wooden furniture pieces are aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Although plastic pieces are available in more colours. But wooden furniture pieces are anytime a better option than plastic furniture.


Many people prefer using plastic furniture pieces because they are not made by cutting wood directly from the tree. For environment sensitive people, wooden furniture pieces are never a great option. Rather they prefer using plastic furniture pieces.


From the maintenance point of view, plastic furniture pieces are easier to maintain. You easily clean the same with wet cloth and some detergent. However, if you use wet cloth for wooden furniture, the wood might get damaged in the long run. Especially during the monsoons, wooden furniture pieces require high maintainence.


Plastic furniture pieces are light-weighted compared to the wooden ones. Thus for office purpose customer prefer purchasing plastic furniture pieces. On the other hand for residential purpose, wooden furniture pieces are any day a better option.

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