Should You Choose Solid Wood or Particleboard for Furniture?

Furniture shapes your house and makes your living more comfortable. Before going in deep into the material, you must remember that furniture is an investment. It is something you intend to use for an extended period. While a lot of materials are used in furniture making, two of them remain at the top. Particleboard and wood are two materials which are widely used for making all kinds of furniture. But which one should you choose? If the pros and cons and considered, it would be ideal for getting wooden furniture in Kolkata.

Wooden Furniture

 A Brief Comparison

Particleboards have been chosen for two main reasons in furniture making. One of them is the price point. Furniture made of particle board is usually very cheap compared to wooden furniture. It is also lighter, which makes it easier to move. But the disadvantages do not justify these advantages. Particleboard can be broken very quickly and once broken; it can’t be repaired. You will also have to be very careful around it with water. Once it comes in contact with water, it will expand and become a soggy mess which can’t be replaced.

On the contrary, wood, even though a bit more expensive, will last you a lifetime. It offers excellent strength and stability which the board can never provide. It is easy to clean and will not lose its charm even after a long time of use. As you may have noticed, board furniture is usually simple. That is because it will break if too many nails are used and also can’t be carved. The carvings and details on wooden furniture provide unmatched elegance. W and M have mastered the skill of creating beautiful wooden furniture. They are the best when it comes to wood furniture in Kolkata in terms of quality and craftsmanship. You must check their pieces out to add dimensions to your home.

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