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Latest Bed Design With Storage and Without Storage

Furniture plays a crucial part in the interior design of a home. Furniture is a central element in a room. As soon as someone walks in, the eyes must fall on the main piece of furniture in the room. This holds especially for a bedroom. Your choice of bed will decide the overall vibe of your bedroom. In general, you can choose from beds with or without storage space. One is not superior to the other; it is just a matter of preference. Whichever style you prefer, you can incorporate the latest designs trends to elevate the aesthetics of your home. Mentioned below are some design ideas that might come in handy. W&M offers amazing pieces of wooden furniture in Kolkata.

Beds with storage space are ideal when you have a smaller room. It can keep your room clutter-free and clean. Everything that is seasonal or is rarely used can be put away in storage. This gives a multifunctional purpose to your bed. Here are some design ideas for these beds:

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Bed Design With Storage

  • You can go with the classic box storage type. The bed will have a box for storage. It can usually be accessed by lifting the mattress and the opening flap. This provides maximum storage in most cases.
  • If lifting the mattress and the board seems like a lot of work, try hydraulic storage beds. They are fitted with hydraulic lifts for ease of access. Using a double bed storage box can be a two people job sometimes. But with hydraulic lifts, you can easily manage it even if you are alone. 
  • If you intend to use the storage spaces frequently, try drawer storage beds. While it does cut down on some capacity due to the drawer systems, it brings a lot more benefits. You can easily use it every day and access it without removing the mattress. 
  • There are also ways to incorporate more storage in your bed. Headboard storage solutions are top-rated now. You can have open or closed headboard shelves with your bed. This not only is functional but enhances the overall look as well. 

If you do not require storage, you can opt for simple beds. If you feel traditional beds are boring, you haven’t explored enough. There are so many trendy and edgy designs available in the market like:

Bed Design Without Storage

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  • Upholstered beds are one of the hottest trends right now. Upholstery can be incorporated in the headboard, along the sides and much more. This adds a lovely rustic, farmhouse vibe to your bedroom. Don’t forget about the extra comfort it brings without the use of cushions on the bed. If you are into bohemian themed bedrooms, this is also a great way to incorporate the style.
  • Minimal and straightforward bedrooms have been quite popular. You can pass over the traditional beds to opt for a platform bed. The clean edges and chunky body effortlessly blend into any style you want. Since the design itself is simple, you can play with the finishes and colours to match your taste.
  • You have probably seen an overload of high beds with posters and intricate details over the past decade. The market had become so saturated that a shift was needed. The latest trend in beds is a low bed. Short legs, less wide body and low body has a charm of its own. It is incredibly comfortable to sleep and gives an illusion of more open space. 

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