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Amazing furniture design ideas to make your neighbors jealous

In today’s world, only very few people can afford big houses, especially in urban areas. Most people live in apartments or small houses. To décor such accommodations while fulfilling your needs, choosing the right space-saving furniture is important. Designers put their best effort to design interesting and unique pieces. 

Some unique furniture ideas

Besides being functional, your furniture should be aesthetically appealing. And, here is good guidance on how you can choose your furniture for a small apartment or home.

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  • Staircase storage – This is an ideal solution for small homes. It helps you save space while giving tons of space for storage. The furniture features a series of drawers set vertically. You can also use it as a climbing ladder to higher cubicles. Usually, the piece is featured with a side rail for security. 
  • Flap table – Keep a pool table in the living room. Now, turn the surrounding space into an entertainment area in just a couple of seconds. The tables are made of premium quality MDF with a layer of gold leaf. The tables can serve as both a pool table and a dining table. 
  • Multitasking sofa/dining table – If there is a limitation of space, you may not bring the furniture pieces you want to have. And thus, the need for multitasking or multi functional furniture comes into play. Opt for a sofa that you can convert into a dining table if needed. This solution is ideal for small living rooms. Ask your preferred furniture shop in Kolkata to design one for you. 
  • Story – This is another great piece of furniture. It is a combination of a workstation, bed, and sofa. The multitasker is perfect for small houses. With this, you can use your living room as a home office and even a guest room. 
  • Expandable mobile dining table – This unit would be just right for small homes. You can expand and contract it easily to accommodate 2 to 8 guests at a time. It works best when you have unexpected guests coming over to your home. 
  • Convertible coffee table – This features a chick and stylish design. You can use it both as a dining table and a coffee table. The latter version features two wings on both sides. As lifted, you can accommodate about 10 people to sit. 
  • Pause – This sofa bed is comfortable and highly space-saving. It is basically a chair. You can transform it into a daybed. It is light, simple, and easy to move around. The piece is perfect for modern living rooms. You can also keep it in the lounge area. 

When it comes to finding unique furniture designs for your small home, consider the above pieces. Choose the pieces you want to bring home. Ask your carpenter to craft them as shown. 

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