Premium quality wooden furniture is a valuable asset of every homeowner, which can last longer if well taken care of. Being passed on to multiple generations as a treasured heirloom, they are a perfect amalgam of endurance, durability, and elegance. So, you should always choose a trusted manufacturer or supplier of wooden furniture in Kolkata. And to ensure that their finish and functionality last longer, you should follow some effective maintenance tips.

Few important tips to make your wooden furniture last longer

Following here are some of the effective tips for wood-made furniture care. This will help you to ensure that the old furniture of your home or newly bought ones can retain their finish and shine longer.

Regular dusting

It is important to regularly dust off the dirt on the surface of furniture items. If they aren’t removed, they might form a layer which will lead to scratches or stains on the surface. By dusting away the dirt or loose dust regularly, you will be able to keep them scratch free. You can use a microfibre towel, clean cotton cloth, or feather duster, which won’t be harsh on the surface to clean them.

Protecting from humidity

Wood is a natural material that absorbs moisture during the humid weather. And this leads to shrinking and swelling. So to protect your valuable furniture items from excessive humidity, you should use a humidifier to check the room’s humidity levels. You can also use the naphthalene balls or camphor as they can absorb the moisture and help you control the room’s dampness.

Protecting from direct sunlight

Direct exposure to sunlight might lead to discolouration of the furniture finish, thereby leading it to look patchy. As it is the most serious reason for wooden furniture damage, you should always try to keep them away from any kind of light that has great intensity. You must remember that this kind of damage might leave a permanent mark on the furniture surfaces. It’s ideal to draw the curtains to protect them from direct sunlight, and you can even use dim light for minimal damage.

The bottom line

Oiling and waxing your wooden furniture pieces is also helpful in retaining their shine for a longer time. Following these tips will certainly help you protect your furniture for a long time, ensuring they deliver a consistent performance and look as attractive as new. If you are looking for an exclusive showroom where you can find a huge selection of wooden furniture in Kolkata, you must visit the shop of W&M Design Studio. Reach us to explore the best quality products at the best possible prices now.